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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Guardian for my sister's brother's child

This is another guardian petition--this one from 1925 (the same child's guardianship from the previous two days' posts).

This individual was born in the 1870s. This one's pretty easy--for those who thought they were getting too hard.


  1. I agree with Claudia..James E. Rampley. I see that there is that capital "E" again..just like in "Elva"from yesterday! Never noticed them written like that before now...this daily transcribing must be making me more observant!

  2. James E. Rampley is it. This signature is from the same era as the one with Elva Richardson. Notice that his "a" are a little different. The first one doesn't have much of that "slide" into it from the left. The second one (in his last name) certainly does.