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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Getting My Lincoln, Nebraska Homestead

Native of Great Britian (or maybe Canada) signs for his homestead in Nebraska in the 1870s.


  1. This would be Joseph Henry Oades he is in my family tree he was born in Enland emigrated to Canada. Joseph's sister legally accused Joseph of murdering by suffocation his wife. Joseph was acquited by jury trial on
    April 13, 1864 in Canada.

  2. Joseph Henry Oades is an ancestor of mine. Do you have any more information about the murder case?

  3. I don't have any information about the murder case as it was mentioned by another poster. I do have information on where and when he and Emmar Sargent were divorced in Nebraska.

  4. This would mean that he was married three times-- to Elizabeth Blake Clark (who died in 1863), to Mary Eliza Hickling (who died in 1871), and Emma Sargent. When were they divorced? Joseph Henry Oades died in 1885.