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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wayne County Native Signs His Card

This 46-year old Wayne County, Missouri, native signed his World War 2 draft card in Ogle County, Illinois.


  1. I'll bet it's Simon Neill. He makes a lazy S.

  2. Maybe it is mean't to be "S" but it sure looks like "T" to me -- and after yesterday's comments I'll stick with that !!!

  3. I'm with you, Tom--Timon Neill.

  4. The name here was actually Simon Neill

  5. Hi Michael,
    Here I go again on the subject of transcribing.While I did not contribute to this one I believe your answer may be wrong. I have here the WW2 draft registration from which this signature was obviously scanned [Serial No. U1417] and the given name in the printed section at the top is clearly "TIMON". Other documents such as his WW1 draft registration clearly show his given name as "Timon". (Date of Birth Oct. 27th. 1895).
    As you say yourself -- we should copy "as is".
    Well I've got that off my chest!!

  6. The name is is actually Timon. My answer somehow was "submitted" while I was still working on it. I've left my incorrect answer here so that the followup comment makes sense. My apologies for the error. Next time I won't click quite so impatiently.

  7. Hi again Michael,
    Thanks for finding the time to reply. I know that I am a grumpy old so and so but sometimes I feel that something should be said - and well - I jump in and say it.
    I'm sure that Lynn and Tom were relieved to see your corrected reply.
    Keep up the good work !!!

  8. No problem. I was irritated at myself that the extremely rough draft of my post went out and that others responded to it before I even noticed it.
    The writing on this one made an excellent point about Simon and Timon. Sometimes others don't believe how some things can be interpreted differently until they see an example of it.