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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Signing a 1948 Funeral Book in Chicago

This individual signed the 1948 funeral book of Peter Verikios in the Calumet City, Illinois, area. This is one that I don't know who it is supposed to be.


  1. I have a friend with the last name Kritikos. She lives in CA. Interesting!

  2. Menelaos Kritikos?

  3. I agree with Connie,
    Menelaos Kritikos !!
    But then I cheated and found it interesting that there was a Verikos [a Roomer] in the same house on the 1930 census. As yet I haven't found the link to your Peter though.

  4. I make it 4. Menelaos Kritikos.

  5. Using other records is being resourceful Tom :-).

    I'll have to take a look at the 1930 census. Peter Verikios is my wife's step-great-grandfather and what I know about his family is limited, but he probably was a roomer in 1930 and also had Verikios relatives in Chicago.

  6. Agreed--Menelaos Kritikos. Looking up the name in a source would take all of the fun out of deciphering the name for me. I never look at others' comments prior to my deciding what I believe the name is.

  7. I really must defend myself here.
    I can assure Kay that the only resource I use in my transcription is to increase the magnification at times--not that it is always helpful.
    My reference to the 1930 census was made after I had decided the name was Menelaos Kritikos [which was relatively easy] and I was curious as to who he was.
    For Michael -- Menelaos was at No. 413 East 115th St. along with Verikios [the roomer] and others. Your Peter was at 221 East 115th St. along with his Family -- in Chicago of course.

  8. Michael, your family is in the Roseland/Kensington area? Are you familiar with the FB site, Roseland Roundtable? LOTS of good photos, mostly old but many current ones, especially of landmarks and churches.