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Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Canadian Working in Connecticut

This forty-seven year old native of Knowlton, Canada registered for the World War Two draft in Hartford, Connecticut. He registered in April of 1942 and was working for McGuire Brothers in Hartford at the time.


  1. George Duchesneau

  2. Oops, I left out the middle initial. George E. Duchesneau.

  3. I think Lynn is right. I'd never have seen it myself, but now I can see all the letters she indicates are there. Good going, Lynn!

  4. George E Duchesneau is it! Congratulations to those that caught it.

    His name on the draft card is George Etienne Duchesneau. He obviously just signed the midddle initial. This is one where I saved the entire card from his registration as I wasn't certain I would remember the name or transcribe it correctly when the name finally got posted.