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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Whose Will Is This?

Know all men by these presents, that I --- --- of Harford County & State of Maryland being in a very...

Whose will is it?


  1. To me it looks like "Sam Gibson"

  2. I agree with Gibson but the S in State doesn't look like the first name. Perhaps it begins with A though there is not a capital A represented. Maybe Asm though that makes no sense.

  3. It looks like "James Gibson" to me.

  4. the first letter is not constant with other "s" in the pharagraph, first letter more like "a" so I think its written "aom" or possibly "a.m" with a last of "Gilson" third letter more closely matches with this writers "l" than "b"

  5. Maybe "Ian" or "I am" Gibson...

  6. I think that what we "see" is only a portion of the document. I would transcribe this portion as:

    "...know all men by these presents, that I am -
    Gibson of Harford County of State of Maryland being in a very..."