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Monday, June 20, 2011

1760 Castle Carrock

This church register entry comes from Castle Carrock, England, in 1760.


  1. Better late than never !!
    Thomas Wilson of Tottergill, a poor Householder -- Buried.
    Mary Daughter of James Hodgson of Garthfoot & Barbara his wife --- Bapd. [Baptised]
    Jn. Pearson Rectr. [Rector]

    I cannot really read the Dates, although the second may be 22nd of 10th or 12th month. ??

    Rector Pearson seems to use lots of abbreviations !

  2. Tom, I can't fault your transcription in any way. Good job! (I think it's the 10th month.)

  3. Tom has nailed it, in my opinion.

  4. I think the date of the baptism is 10br 22d - meaning December 22nd. The 'decem' part of December means 10, even though by 1760 December was the 12th month of the year.

    If the clerk who wrote this entry was familiar with Latin he might well have abbreviated December as 10ber. However, this baptism is indexed on FamilySearch as 22nd October 1760 so I may be wrong!

  5. TPD-That's a good comment. I think I'll dig out the entire page which I did scan and post that.

  6. The IGI Record of this Baptism on the old [?] Family is still shown as being on 22nd December 1760. Having said that it shows Mary's death as being on 15th Sept. 1769 which I cannot agree with!!