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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Leaving Göteborg in 1888

This list of emigrants is of individuals leaving via Göteborg, Sweden, in 1888. Whose name is on line 63?


  1. Sven Vikaor Johanson

  2. I flunked that one! I was in such hurry I didn't even type what I meant...Sylvia, that is what I meant to write! But, if that isn't it, I am lost...

  3. It's definitely Sven Viktor Johanson. The correct spelling would have been Sven Viktor Johansson, though. The meaning of Johansson is Johan's son, thus a double s. Swedes in Sweden use a double s. Swedes in America tend to drop an s. Of course it must be transcribed as it is on the record.