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Friday, September 2, 2011

Last 4 Names on the 1850 era Manifest

Can you read the last four names on this 1850 era manifest from Baltimore?

Those with an subscription can view the image here and manipulate it, etc.

The occupation for the name on line 153 is difficult to read and has been enlarged below:

I'd like to know what it says as well. The names on this one I actually know--the occupation is another matter altogether.


  1. Georg Fraudfeller? Josef. El. Maybe for Josefine Elizabeth Elis, for Elisabeth? Maybe Nich. for Nicholas? On the 48 year old I didn't see another S or L on the page above to compare with the first letter. But Josef. fits the best!?
    Different schools of penmanship and individual flare made many of these handwritten census hard to determine. Compare it with other records of this family. I know my family's have had multiple wrong first names and misspelled last names. It also depends on who was home to give the census taker the info, too! Good Luck!

  2. Georg Trautfetter 57 farmer? (at first I thought this was father, but it has ditto marks all the rest of the way)
    Josef. E. do (= ditto) 48 "
    Elis do 17 "
    Stick? do 14 "

  3. Georg Trautfetter 54, (I think the next word is "family." The next person listed is probably his wife, age 48; (I am not sure what the first name is but it appears to be an abbreviation); next is a daughter, Elis. age 17 and a son, Mick. age 14.

    It is impossible for me to decipher his occupation in the column that lists professions!

  4. After checking the list of Old German Occupations at
    I think the occupation is 'Oeconom' meaning small farmer; farm manager; steward; innkeeper or economist


  5. Georg Trautfetter 54
    Soph. El. 48
    Elis. 17
    Mich. 14