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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Who Are These Four Men in 1855?

I'm looking for the 7th through 10th names on this 1855 Illinois State Census from Keithsburg, Mercer County, Illinois. A smaller and larger image are also included with this post. But the only names I'm looking for in the answer are the 7th through 10th ones.


  1. I'm fairly sure the last name is Kite, but it might be Kile. The first four given names are unreadable - at least to me. The last three are James, David and Robt.

  2. Line 7 - J. Ws.(?) Kile
    Line 8 - J. ?. Kile
    Line 9 - John W.(or H) Kile
    Line 10 - James Kile

    Not a great effort but it really is very faded.

  3. Line 7: W. Wes Kite
    Line 8: G. N. Kite
    Line 9: John W. Kite
    Line 10: James Kite

  4. Kile is the last name.

    J Wes
    A W
    John W