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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Who Is At the Bottom of the Page?

 Who is listed at the very bottom of this census page? The complete image for this 1930 census page is below and the larger image (3rd one in this blog post) is the remaining names from this household on the top of the next page.
The wife and children from the next page. The third entry on this page (the 18 year old son) is interesting as well. 


  1. Henry Mortier
    The 18 year old son looks like
    Geage A. Mortier
    I wonder if this is a misspelling of George ??

  2. It looks like Henry Morten at the bottom of the page, but it looks like Caroline Mather, wife, on the next page. Transcribing from hand-written data is tough!

  3. Henry Mortier but like Judy M. said, the wife on the second page looks like Caroline Mather. The son's name looks like Gage A. Mather.

  4. Henry Mortier; son's first name is George--the "oe"s appear similar between last name & George. The mother's last name--the "i" in "ier" appears smudged to me.

  5. It is meant to be Henry Mortier.

    The son in question is George. indexes this as Mather and it is easy to see why.