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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Who Is That 44 Year Old Man?

What is the name of the first person on this 1880 census enumeration? Feel free to guess the female listed in the household as well. The full image is below--but try and read just from this page or the full page below, as if you were actually transcribing the image. 


  1. Ruby and Nanzy Ramlie

  2. Michael,

    I would transcribe the male as Ramler, Riely

    I would transcribe the female as Ramler, Nanzy

    It really helped to increase my screen magnification to 200%

  3. I see Ramplie, Riely and Nanzy is the wife.

  4. Looks like Riely Ramlie to me BUT the next family is spelled so similar "Ramplie" they could be kin

  5. As I see it --
    Riely Ramlei
    Nanzy Ramlei

  6. Riley Ramslei and Nanzy. I do not think the neighbors name is Ramplie :)

  7. I had too much trouble with this, more than my usual problems; I tend to agree with Randy Seaver

  8. I agree with Anonymous
    Ruby Ramlie and

  9. Riely Ramlis and wife Nanzy

  10. I see Ramler, Reily and Nanzy

  11. Regardless of what it looks like, I think the name is probably the same as the next family - Ramplie. I think the censustaker was tried to spell out Riley for the husband (maybe Rudy) and Nancy for the wife. It's not what was recorded but maybe that's what he meant.

  12. Comment 1

    This census was taken by a German, so he spelled things the "German" way.

    Comment 2

    The neighboring household is of a brother, so the name was supposed to be the same.

    That said, I think the census taker wrote Rilely Rampei. That first "l" in Rilely might have been a mistake, but there appears to have been a letter there. The wife is listed as "Nanzy"

    Their names were actually Riley and Nancy Rampley. Older brother Thomas is next door.

  13. I agree that the name of the family in question is probably the same as the next family -- not that I think that it is correctly recorded.
    Should we guess at what is written or what the name actually is ??
    The challenge is "Handwriting transcription" -- yes.

  14. Michael,
    Is that a "typo" in Rampei ??
    The Census taker may have made some spelling mistakes [as we see them !] but his small letter "p" as in the second family name, the words stepson & stepdaughter and the term Housekeeper is always quite clear.

  15. There is a typo in my post. It should have said:

    Rilely Ramlei

    It is no excuse, but I am so used to typing "Rampley" that the "ramp" just flew off my keyboard.

    To answer "anonymous"'s question regarding guessing about the name. I had a couple of emails about what the name might have actually been--given the apparent relative in the next household with a similar name.

    To cut down on email questions, I commented on the actual name in this case. That's not really the intent of Transcriber, but sometimes a little comment about what the actual name is and how it might have gotten written the way it was is (hopefully) enlightening.