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Friday, January 20, 2012

A 1920 Passport Application

This individual applied for a US passport in 1920.


  1. Wish I could see the rest of the passport for handwriting comparison...

    RusNad Pyan ?
    Russell Ryan
    Russia Lynn

    That's a toughie!

  2. Rucker Penn There is a slash between the e and first n in Penn (same as the slash above the signature) which makes it look like a y.

  3. Rucker Pyen was my first thought, but the slash makes it Rucker Penn (only because of the comment - that was an alert observation)

  4. A bunch of smart guessers today. I'll go with Rucker Penn also.

  5. Rusker or Rucker is a good guess for the first name.
    Lynn or Lyon is a good guess for the last name.

    I know that some of you think it should be Penn or Ryan, but I like the name Lynn, but then I'm prejudice.