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Friday, January 13, 2012

Filing My Intent in 1923

This German native signed a declaration of intent in 1923 in Virginia.


  1. Well, Mr. Linfield's signature is certainly easier to read than Mr. Brady's. What are those middle initials? First looks like a "P"? But the second? And a what clerk? And do the two Bradys have similar writing styles because they are related, or is that typical for that dept.?

  2. Looks like 2 different Brady signatures:
    Joseph P. Brady - Clerk of the Court
    James D. Brady - Deputy Clerk

  3. Lion Linfield is being notarized. Joseph P Brady is Clerk of the US District Court, but did not sign -- James D Brady, Deputy clerk signed instead (and wrote both names).

  4. I agree with Claire. These are fun!

  5. Yes, the same person wrote both names. Interesting "J".

  6. Lion Linfield is the applicant on this one.