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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Made My Statement in 1924

This Mississippi widow signed a statement in 1924 in her Confederate widow's pension application


  1. Sarah Ann Stringer??

  2. That would be my guess, too. Sarh an Stringer

  3. You could put it as it is and add, in brackets instead of parentheses, the "corrected" version- Sarh An Stringer [Sarah Ann Stringer]. Then if someone discovers that the name could be Sarhan Stringer, they can make that interpretation and correction more easily than having to think through and discard the more typical name. I have had many problems finding relatives in the census records when the names were misinterpreted, "corrected" and therefore indexed incorrectly. I located several of them eventually when I had time to browse the census for the locations and neighborhoods where I thought they should be living.