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Friday, March 2, 2012

My Hubby Served and I Need Some Dough

This Kentucky widow applied for a pension in her husband's name in the early 1900s. Try and guess what's written above her name as well. I will tell you that to the left on those lines were the names of two potential witnesses to the widow's claim.


  1. Paris, KY #5
    Paris, KY #4
    Letitia Crump Rowles

  2. Widow name: Letitia Crump Rowles

    Names above: Paris Ky #5
    Paris Ky #4

  3. Letitia Crump Rowles

  4. Letitia Crump Rowles
    Not convinced of the "Letitia", because that first 't' isn't properly crossed, but it makes sense.

    The addresses above look more like "Caris, Ky", or "Oaris, Ky" ... but again, Paris makes more sense. I'd have to research the area at the time, as I am unfamiliar with the names of the districts in KY.

  5. Letitia Crump Rowles is certainly what it looks like and how I would transcribe it.

    Interestingly enough, the application lists her last name as Bowles.

  6. Paris, Ky #5
    Paris, Ky #4

    Letitia Crump Rowles