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Friday, March 9, 2012

Signing My Application

This Kentucky resident signed their Confederate pension application in the early 1900s.


  1. It almost looks like Iane Cox. I can't assume it's a widow of a veteran. Why isn't the last name capitalized? Low self esteem?

  2. The capital letter "J" would be above & below the line. I believe it is a "T" & it's Tom. I myself make a similar capital "T" & for an "F" which I use more frequently, cause my husband's name is Fred, I put a line thru the vertical stem. So I believe it's Tom Cox.

    Ellen. : )

  3. I'd go with Ione Cox. That doesn't look like a J.

  4. Not sure if women applied for Confederate pensions... The signature does look like Jane Cox, but I'd also believe something like Tom Cap.

  5. Okay I can now see why you think the last letter could be a 'p', but that first letter of the given name looks like one of my fancy capital I's.
    I do my own fancy writing on FRAKTUR documents. Trying to copy my own great grandfather's writing style, probably the Palmer method.