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Monday, May 28, 2012

The Posting of Answers and a Few Other Details

I usually wait until 24 hours have elapsed after an entry has been posted to post the answer. This allows everyone who plays along to do so without getting on their email and the blog as soon as the signature posts. The original posts I can schedule in advance. The posting of answers (because I post them as a comment) cannot be scheduled in advance. Sometimes I am unable to post answers as soon as I would like.

Another frequent question is the amount of material posted from a record in a blog post. Usually the item posted is a signature of someone on a record and that signature is the only sample of their handwriting I have. That's how the site came about. Occasionally I post snippets from records and other materials written by clerks, census takers, etc.  These are done in small pieces to see how people interpret them.

The goal of Transcriber is to get readers thinking about handwriting.

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