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Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Webinar Releases

Sections, Townships, Base Lines, etc--Land Descriptions in Federal Land States. 

The presentation focused on interpreting these descriptions, determining acreages and becoming familiar with the terminology. This presentation is geared towards those who have had difficulty using land descriptions or who have avoided using land records because of the use of legal descriptions. The use of land records for genealogy and searching those records are not a part of this presentation. This presentation concentrates on how land is described.  We are offering this presentation (including media and handout) at an introductory rate of $4

Using the 1940 Census at and FamilySearch. is offering their 1940 census indexes and images free through 2013. FamilySearch's will remain free. This presentation is geared towards intermediate level researchers--we assume you're familiar with what the census is, what common search problems are, etc. I've gotten good feed back from attendees--including ones in the US and overseas. 

We look through several examples and I make a few discoveries along the way myself--which is a good thing and probably which shows during the presentation. The method of presentation is informal, with a focus on procedure and method.

 can order the presentation at our initial price of $4. The usual purchase price is $8.50.

American Revolutionary War Materials on  

Our discussion concentrated on what items from the Revolutionary War era were on and how to search those materials. The presentation was approximately 45 minutes in length. A short handout was also included. 

We are taking pre-orders for the recording and the handout. The presentation was too long for our normal distribution system, but we've got a solution worked out. 

The presentation is geared toward those who have not utilized these materials on and aren't all that familiar with how to interact with the search and navigational system of Fold3--both are discussed in addition to the records. 

Sections, Townships, Base Lines, etc--Land Descriptions in Federal Land States. 

This webinar discusses correlating a family's   1850-1870 census enumerations. It's geared towards advanced beginner or intermediate level researchers and discusses search techniques, comparing information, and starting the next stage in the search process--in this case the 1880 census.

The webinars normally sell for $8.50, 
we're offering it at $4. This includes the presentation (screen and audio) and handout.

Making Changes to Your Tree

We have released the recording of my webinar on making changes to YOUR tree at The presentation discusses how to fix errors, what problems can arise when fixing errors, changing relationships, adding parents, spouses, or children, and more.

The recording can be ordered at the introductory rate of $4 via this link.

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