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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Castle Carrock 1760 Entry

There were a few questions about the 1760 entry from the Castle Carrock Church in England on an earlier post. To help, I'm posting the entire page in this post. I'll wait a few days and post a followup. Click on the image for a larger view--I'm just leaving the smaller one here so that it does not overwhelm the page.


  1. With only a few entries per year it's hard to be certain what the clerk's usual practice was but I think I'd stick with my previous comment and say the following abbreviations are used:

    7b[e]r = September
    8b[e]r = October
    9b[e]r = November
    10b[e]r = December

    Edwin C. Dunn in 'The Calendar and its Reforms' at say that:
    "Sometimes, in our research, September thru December are found written as: 7ber, 8ber, 9ber, 10ber, referring to the old Julian calendar. It should not be confused with the present 7th to 10th months (July to October) of our calendar year."

    I think that applies here.


  2. I would say that the entry for "July 9th 1761" on the second (part of) page shown in the image tends to confirm the comment of TPD above. Perhaps Michael John has other images from 1759 or 1762 he could post. Certainly the death date of Mary (the feature of this post) in 1763 is clearly shown as "Nov. 15th" indicating that Rector Pearson had started to use the present method in that year.