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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Why Were They Admitted?

This is part of a ledger of poor farm admissions in Mercer County, Illinois in the 1870s. The entry of interest is the one with the November date. The words in front of the date are the reasons for admission. What are they for this entry?

Click on the image to view it in a larger window if necessary.


  1. The word "Destitute" is obvious. Part of the phrase after that appears to be 'Vagrant', but I would have to see more pages of the ledger to accurately decipher the handwriting....and I might not be able to do so even then.

  2. This is a Physician (ill)...dx(drug)...regular I.V...1 quart...November 11, 1879

  3. I agree with Claudia and Sue -- Destitute & Pregnant.

  4. Destitute and Pregnant

    is what this one it.