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Thursday, September 15, 2011

1880 Census Name

What is the name of the man listed by number 46 on this 1880 census enumeration?


  1. Herman Schilsman
    *possibly meant to be: Schlisman or Schleisman

  2. I definately agree with the others on the first name of Herman. But, I would say that the first letter of the last name is an L, looking at the wife's first name of Louise.

  3. Lebilsman, Herrman

  4. Herman Schillman (the letter s in the servant word in another column is very close to the initial letter here)

  5. Wow !!
    8 comments -- 6 or 7 different surnames. No wonder some ancestors are hard to find.

  6. Herman Sebilsman, which makes no sense. In German, the given name would be spelled Hermann (not Herrman), and Sebilsman I'm sure isn't even close to what this person's actual surname is.

    Further confirmation of my theory that the only two prerequisites for being a census taker were: 1) successful completion of a penmanship class taught by a physician; 2) failing a basic spelling test. Bonus points were awarded for being blind in one eye and/or undertaking one's duties whilst suffering from delerium tremens.

  7. Herman Schildman

    There is a head of household on the same page with the last name of Hufendick, which also has the same style of "d".

    This census was taken in Walker Township, Hancock County, Illinois, 1880--by a German native I believe.