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Friday, September 16, 2011

Who Is Hanging Out By the Red Dot?

What is the name by the red dot from this 1865 Illinois state census record?


  1. Looks to me like
    Coonrod Hast
    but that may be completely wrong !!

  2. Coonrad Mast (I believen Coonrad is an OLD spelling of Conrad, rather than the mispelling it appears to be.)

  3. yep ... Coonrod Hast

  4. Coonrad Hast is what it pretty clearly says...interestingly enough his actual name was Conrad Haase.

  5. As I mentioned above, I have often seen Coonrad for Conrad (lots of Conrads on my line). I believe it is an old spelling (or an other language spelling.

  6. Surely if the sixth letter of the given name is "a" then the name should be "Caanrad" !!
    While you know the actual name was Conrad we have to transcribe what we see. Looking at the other "a"s and "o"s on the image shown and on the complete census page -- in my humble opinion it pretty clearly says "Coonrod" - Grin.