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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Family 17---Who Are They?

Can you read these three names from household 17 in the 1910 US Census for Oklahoma?


  1. I'd say Pollard although the r does look like an s.

  2. Ooops, that will teach me to read all the text properly:
    1. Job Pollard
    2. Helen S. Pollard
    3. Edmar Olenbaugh (not sure about this one)

  3. Pollard Job [Maybe Jab ?]
    Pollard Helen S.
    Olenbaugh Ednmar

  4. Pollard, Jab. (not sure what that would be an abbreviation for)
    Pollard, Helen S.
    Although I believe that the Olenbaughs offered above are correct, what I READ was
    Esenckaugh, Eddmar

  5. The "P" could also be a D, So maybe Pollard or Dollard and the mother looks like an E inside an O at the beginning of last name

  6. Pollard Job
    Pollard Helen S
    Osenbaugh Emmar

  7. Pollard Job
    Pollard Helen S
    Osenbaugh Eimmar

    Of course I have been following your research on this family, so my answer may not count.

  8. Pollard, Job
    Pollard, Helen S.
    the "O" is a crossout of an E, the census writer started to write the first name and then started over with the last name
    so the last one is Scarbaugh, Emmar --- ???

  9. Pollard, Job
    " Helen S.
    Obenbaugh, Elmmas

  10. Job Pollard
    Helen S.

    Emmar Osenbaugh

    It looks like the enumerator started to put Emmar's first name first and then realized the mistake and wrote over it.

  11. To me it looks like;
    Pollard, Jab (Jacob)
    Pollard, Helen S
    Seaebaugh, Edelmar (or Ellinar/Ellinor)

  12. I agree with the rest--Jab (Jacob) Pollard and Helen Pollard.