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Friday, October 14, 2011

Two and Three On This List

What are the second and third names on this 1800 federal census enumeration from Harford County, Maryland?


  1. I think they are both John Demorse and the second one is Jur (Junior).

  2. John Demorse
    John Demorse Jnr

  3. John Demorse
    John Demorse Jnr.
    Just wonder if this post is linked to that for John Daymoss on Wed 12th. He [John DeMoss] moved from Harford County, Maryland to Coshocton County, Ohio within the relevant timeframe ??

  4. John Demorse and John Demorse Jnr. is it.

    John DeMoss Jr. from this post is the father of the John DeMoss who was "Daymoss" on the post for 12 Oct.

  5. Apologies Michael - I was jumping the gun today.
    I should keep my thoughts to myself.
    Cheers !!

  6. Tom--no worries. After all, I approved your comment ;-)

  7. I have only been doing this for a few days:0 Are we allowed to use the census to confirm our guesses . What are the rules:)

  8. @Linda-It is suggested that only the document be used, but it's difficult to "enforce" that. The idea behind that is so that a more "off the cuff" read is gotten, which helps us to see how indexers and others might read the name.

    We used another member of this family in an earlier post from a few days ago, so that's part of the reason in this case.

    I can't stop people from using the census or other records, but am trying to get interpretations not based on other records.

    Of course, when a document is on your own family, using all other available means is always advised.

  9. I can assure Michael, Linda and anyone else who is interested that my guess [sometimes educated] is based on the image that Michael posts. I do sometimes enlarge the image [not always helpfully I might add] but I never look at other images before posting my comment. In the two posts involving the "DeMoss" variations I have never seen any other census records other than the partial images posted by Michael.
    I have a funny memory for recalling information I have read in the past and this is the source of my previous comments in this Post - and in one or two others I may add.!!
    Well I've got that off my chest.