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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What's that 1880 Place of Birth?

What is the place of birth for the individuals on the second and third line of this census enumeration? They are showing the apparent same place of birth for their fathers (second column) and mothers (third column). Some of my regular readers will have a "heads up" on this one. To see more handwriting, the complete census page is below. 


  1. Friesland, but I don't know enough about that area to decide if the first word is "East," "West," or a village name.
    If I were working on this I would look up Friesland geography, but for these games, I just go with what I read.

  2. This is easy for me as my dad's family immigrated to Illinois from Ost Friesland in the 1850's!

  3. Looks like -
    2nd line -- O(e)ast Friesland
    3rd line -- Ostt Friesland
    Birth place of all parents -- Ost Friesland
    Maybe I should leave this one to those who are more familiar with German history !!

  4. Too much guessing on this one.

  5. On all but the one in the upper left, this appears to be "Ost Friesland."

    The one in the upper left hand corner appears to be "Oeast Friesland.

  6. Looks like it is written as "Ost Friesland." The transcriber probably mis-spelled ost, it should be oost (but still pronounced with the long "o" sound). Oost means east in Dutch. Both sides of my family are Dutch and most of them come from the province of Friesland there in the Netherlands. I haven't seen Friesland listed as a place of origin in a census record before. All of the ones in my family say Holland or Dutch.

  7. As I was doing a little more research on it and OstFriesland would be correct, not Oost Friesland like I was thinking before.